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What is mzp file?

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Mzp file stands for mountable zip file. It is the native format for WinArchiver. Like other archives, MZP files are data containers, they store one or more files in the compressed form to reduce file size. A MZP file usually ends up with a ".mzp" extension. After you downloaded MZP file from Internet or received it from friends, you need to unpack its contents in order to use it.

Comparing to ZIP file format, MZP file provides some advanced features: tight compression, strong AES encryption, more convenient multivolume archives, Unicode support to process non-English file names, and a lot more. MZP file can also be mounted as virtual drive instantly, which means that you can access files with MZP file without extraction. This will save lots of time especially when you need handle a big mzp file.

WinArchiver provides the complete support for MZP files, you may both create and unpack them, or mount them as virtual drives with built-in virtual drive. By default, WinArchiver will enable shell integration and associate .mzp extension with itself during installation. You can double click on a mzp file to open it in WinArchiver, then click "Extract" button to unpack it. You can also right-click on a mzp file in Explorer, then choose "Extract to " menu item from the shell context menu to unpack the mzp file. 

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