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Mount ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and other archive as virtual drive

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WinArchiver can not only create and extract zip file, but also mount zip file as virtual drive using built-in virtual driver, which provides a more convenient and faster way to access files with ZIP file. With this feature, you don't need to unpack a zip file to use it. WinArchiver Virtual Drive can help you save lots of time.

WinArchiver supports all popular archives. It can not only mount zip file, but also mount rar file and other pupular archives. Like other virtual drive software, WinArchiver can mount iso file and other disc image file as virtual drive. WinArchiver supports all popular disc image files, such as iso, bin, cue, nrg, daa, uif, mds, and etc.

Please follow the steps to mount zip file or other supported file with WinArchiver,

1. Open "My Computer" and navigate to the file you wish mount.

2. Right-click on the file.

3. Under "WinArchiver", click "Mount Archive to Drive...". If you haven't created a virtual drive, you can click the menu "Set Number of Drives --> 1 Drive" to create a virtual drive. If WinArchiver Virtual Drive is not installed, you need first download and install it before you can mount a file.

4. WinArchiver Virtual Drive will mount the file as the virtual drive. You can then access the files within zip file through virtual drive. You needn't wait for the extraction to complete! All files in the zip file can be opened instantly.


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