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Extract MZP File

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Like other archive, MZP file store one or more files in compressed form. You need unpack its contents in order to use a MZP file. For a encrypted MZP file, you will also need the correct password to unpack it. 

1. Double-click on the mzp file to open it in WinArchiver. If you haven't create the association between .mzp extension and WinArchiver, you can also start WinArchiver, then click "Open" button to open an archive.

2. Click the "Extract" button, the "Extract MZP File" dialog will popup.

extract mzp file -- pic 1

3. Choose the extraction destination path, then click "OK" to start extraction.

extract mzp file -- pic 2

4. WinArchiver will then extract files in the MZP file to the destination path.

You can also extract MZP file using shell context menu if you enabled "shell integration" option when installing WinArchiver. Just right-click on the mzp file, then choose "Extract to ..." from the shell context menu.

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